Introduce myself.


トピックが今更なので訳はなしでm(_ _)m



Hi. I am Omuhashi(is my nickname on the pc.)

Today, let me introduce myself.

This blog was named by my friend who is classmate

in my university school days.


Omuha means Omuhashi that is my nickname. is just my(her) joke(Omuha plus cinema).

I started this blog about five years ago.

When I took a class of pc, I have a chance that I can start this blog.


Next, let me introduce my personality!!


blood type: O

birthday: December 13 th

hometown: downtown in Tokyo


foreign actor: Johnny Depp

Japanese actor:Hidetoshi Nishijima

foods:any kind of noodles

comedian: Nakagawa ke , King of Comedy...etc

musician: Gackt

hobby: taking picture, watching movies, drawing picture...etc

☆my dream!☆

I would like to go to a lot of foreign country as possible,

because I like taking picture.


I like go and see traditional buildings.

I would like to be a singer.

But I do not deside my future yet.

People say " you can not your dream come true".

But I do not think so.

Because... I believe that is possible if I do not give up.


That is all.

Thak you so much.

by jd69sparrow | 2010-12-24 16:45 | 独り言。