the 3rd of January

I visited to granma's house in Tokorozawa with my family last week.

We are visited to her house every the third of January.

Because it is our annual event.

Few years ago, my brother took a driver's license.

so, he drove us granma's house.

It is very comfortable.


He always drive a truck when he carry musical instruments.

He attends orchestra club at the university.


At my granma's house...

We were watched Hakone-Ekiden what is marathon.

Waseda university won the game.

We were very glad it.

Because we cheer them.

After that, I went to shopping with my older sister.

She helped and advise for me about dress of wendding party.

but... I could not buy it.

Because we could not find the dress what does not fit me.

Next I went to a game center.

Always I went to there when we visit our granma.

I was challenged UFO game long time.

and I spend the money over three thousand yen.

but I could get doll only one.

I am regrettable.

I try again next time when we visit our granma's house.

I never give up!!

by jd69sparrow | 2011-05-29 00:13 | 独り言。