Spice Cafe

January 27 th , Thursday

This afternoon.

I went to curry cafe near my house with my mother.

The name is "Spice Cafe".

There is very popular with the neighborhood.

If you go to, I suggest you make a reservation.

Any kind of curry in this cafe by the one person who is owner.

He go to India every Feburary to train about spicies.

So, every curries are very dericious in this cafe.


The interior design is interesting.

This building was made from the wood.

It is an old-fashioned building like Showa Era.

By the way...

I ate begetable and shrimp curry.

I could ate two kind of spice at once.

And after finshed it, I could eat two kind of desert.

Mango and chocolate cakes.

Each menu were very, very ve----ry good!!

I was really happy afternoon!

by jd69sparrow | 2011-08-21 00:01 | 独り言。